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Tablet guía turística GPS

The tablets of Padword, thanks to its software, such as tourist guides have an endless number of advantages that paper guides do not have. In addition to containing information regarding tourist sites, have incorporated GPS system, to have the indications of how to get to the destination.

In the information of each place, there is an extensive gallery of photos, 3D views, description, opening hours, contact details and location, with GPS option. In some cases, you can perform direct reserves from the same the tablets. For example, book a table in a restaurant or buy tickets for a theme park. Confirmation of such a reservation/purchase will be made by the same person. tablet or by the user's email/phone, if desired.

In addition, the the tablets thanks to geolocation recommend places nearby places of great tourist interest: museums, parks, restaurants, etc. indicating how many kilometres away the place is located.

If you want to explore, the tablets have a large number of categories to filter according to interest: beaches, viewpoints, museums, night spots, shopping areas, spas, trails, etc..

As many times tourists do not have enough time or do not know where to go, depending on the city, there is a TOP 10 list with the essential places.

As one of the most relevant advantages, is being able to change the content in the desired languageSpanish, English, German, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, etc.

No doubt, having a digital tourist guide gives a range of possibilities to the tourist that another tool cannot offer.

Today there are many holiday homes, hotels and rent a car that offer this service of digital tourist guide to its clients, incorporating other functionalities to the tablets that Padword offers: direct chat with the client with instant translation, sale of services and experiences, satisfaction surveys, among others.

Meet some of Padword's customers who use the tourist guides:


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