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PADWORD was born in 2014 with the idea of searching for a technological tool that would improve communication and sale of services between tourism companies and their clients. This is how the software is created that allows to control the functionalities of the devices, where the design and configuration is completely customized. Messaging functions are created with instantaneous translation, recommendation of places and experiences according to geolocation and internet to share with other devices.

Over the years and in collaboration with other companies, new functionalities have been added to the software such as the booking engine, payment gateways and valuation surveys. The possibilities of integration with the software are multiple, having today integrations in process, such as home automation, task manager, voice assistants, online check-in, among others.

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In this last year, the company has ventured into new products such as intelligent locks, with remote opening from anywhere. The need to find a solution to guest delays, travel expenses, loss of physical keys, etc. led to the development of a proposal that is easy to use and install, at a price that is accessible to anyone who wants to implement it.

The objective of PADWORD is to integrate all technological solutions in one place,,
to provide powerful tools to entrepreneurs in the tourism sector to facilitate and improve communication and services.


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